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Nigeria Travel Guide – 2021

Nigeria Travel Guide  Travelling to Nigeria is not as straightforward as it used to be since the onset of COVID. This guide is here to help you navigate your journey to Nigeria. Covid Regulations: Sourced from the Presidential Steering Committee ON COVID-19, Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation as of December […]

The History Behind Nigeria’s Democracy Day.

On June 12 1993, Nigeria held its first presidential elections since the 1983 military coup. It was an event many observers have described as the most significant in Nigeria’s post-independence political history as it was the freest, fairest & most peaceful election ever held in the country.  What happened next? This supposed victory was short-lived […]

I’m losing my language and I’m terrified about it

A few days ago, I watched a video of Chimamanda Adichie and her daughter doing what I will describe as a call and response in Igbo and it reminded me greatly of my childhood.  Growing up, my parents, grandma and other extended family members always spoke to me in my traditional dialect so I had […]

To be Silent is to Be Complicit

As Diasporic Nigerians, we are constantly confronted with issues of systemic racism, police violence, and sexual violence both at home and abroad. This often throws us in a dilemma of not knowing what issue to address first.  I was still processing the death of George Floyd when I saw what happened to Tina and Uwa […]

What Access to Education Has Looked Like All My Life

Over the past 4 years, part of my work has been centered around fighting for accessible education for students who want to pursue higher studies but have to deal with various barriers. As an international student, this is already a super infuriating territory but it’s still important to reflect on both personal experiences and what […]