Nigeria Travel Guide 

Travelling to Nigeria is not as straightforward as it used to be since the onset of COVID. This guide is here to help you navigate your journey to Nigeria.

Covid Regulations:

Sourced from the Presidential Steering Committee ON COVID-19, Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation as of December 5, 2021


Before leaving (Canada):

  • A COVID-19 PCR test is required to be done not more than 2 days (48 hours) before boarding. You must bring along an electronic or hard copy of their negative COVID19 PCR test and proof of vaccination status for presentation at the departure airport and upon arrival in Nigeria.

  • All intending travellers (including kids) MUST register via an online national travel portal (Nigeria International Travel Portal – & proceed to fill in the online Health Declaration/ Self-Reporting form located on the portal. 

  • Partially vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers will be requested to select their preferred laboratory/Sample Collection Centre based on where they will be self-isolating for the period of 7-days in Nigeria. Following this, you will proceed to pay for the Day 2 (arrival day + 1 day) and Day 7 (arrival day + 6 days) in-country COVID19 PCR tests. Travelers paying in Naira should use cards issued by a Nigerian bank. 

  • Fully vaccinated travelers will be requested to select their preferred laboratory/ Sample Collection Centre based on where they will be located 2 days after arrival in Nigeria for the Day 2 test (arrival day + 1 day). Following this, you will proceed to pay for the Day 2 in-country COVID-19 PCR test. 

  • Following successful payment, download the Permit to Travel Certificate/ QR Code using the “Get Permit to Travel” button visible at the top right corner of the portal, save and print the form for presentation at the point of boarding. The Permit to Travel Certificate/ QR code will have a “PAID” label if payment is successful and “UNPAID” label if payment has not gone through yet or is unsuccessful. A copy of the Permit will also be sent to the email address you provide.

  • Please print out both your negative PCR test result done 48 hours before travel and permit to travel as you need both of them including your proof of vaccination to board a flight from Canada.

  • Depending on the airline you are flying with, you might have to fill out a paper copy of a form similar to the permit to travel so have a pen with you. 

Upon Arrival in Nigeria:

  • Following directions from the airline and airport officials, you will go through the routine Port Health screening and present electronic or print-out evidence of pre boarding COVID-19 PCR test, Permit to Travel Certificate/ QR Code; and Vaccination Certificate (where applicable). 

  • You will then present your international passport for clearance through the Nigerian Immigration Service System’s Migrants Identification Data Analysis System (MIDAS). 

  • Partially vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers will then proceed to  mandatory 7 days self-isolation/quarantine in their selected in-country destination address, avoid physical contact with others, check their emails/text messages regularly for updates regarding their repeat COVID-19 PCR test or Days 2 & 7 testing. Those who test negative for COVID-19 after 7 days of self-isolation/quarantine will be allowed to exit self-isolation on receipt of their result.

  • Vaccinated travellers must show-up at the laboratory/sample collection centres on the 2nd day of arrival for their day 2 COVID-19 PCR test. The selected private laboratory will send a reminder text message, email, or phone call to the traveller a day before the appointment date. 

  • For additional information, please read the updated travel protocol by the Presidential Steering Committee ON COVID-19, Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation here.


Nigeria Travel Guide (Part 3)

Returning from Nigeria:

  • Canadian Citizens and permanent residents travelling from Nigeria or another country on the ban list must stop in a 3rd country not listed on the ban list and obtain a negative COVID-19 PCR test before coming to Canada.

  • You must do a COVID-19 PCR test and any other test required by the 3rd country mentioned above 48 hours before departing Nigeria.

  • Please print out your negative COVID- 19 test result before getting to your selected Nigerian International airport. If you’re flying from MM2, your result must be printed as a coloured copy, not black and white. If you don’t do that ahead, you will be required to pay (more) to print it out at the airport. 

  • If you’re bringing back agricultural produce, your bags will most likely be checked by the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and you might be asked to declare and pay for the produce. Please keep extra cash on hand. 

  • If you have the means to, you can wait in one of the lounges at the Lagos airport for your fight. They cost anywhere between ₦10,000 to ₦50,000 with access to wifi, food and a place to store your luggage while waiting on your flight

  • Download and fill out the ArriveCAN app before you leave Nigeria to reduce your wait time when you arrive in Canada. If you have a NEXUS, you get to skip the lines.

  • Please continue to check for travel updates.

Nigeria Travel Guide (Part 4): Recommended Apps for your Stay in (Lagos) Nigeria


  • You can either use a personal driver or use apps like Uber or Bolt:

  • Bolt was my preferred choice because their drivers came faster and were also more patient. While you can do E- transfers, these drivers don’t have time to wait so have your cash ready. 


  • Jumia Food is similar to Ubereats, Skipthedishes, Doordash and other food/ grocery delivery apps. They also accept paypal which was my preferred payment method. 

  • Eden Life is a meal subscription service. I personally did not use this service because of my short visit but if you’re staying longer or just want a meal prep, this is a great choice for you. They also provide cleaning and laundry services. 

Mobile Wifi:

If you have work or school at the time of your travel, getting alternative wifi options will be a smart decision. MTN will disappoint you. 

  • Airalo gives you international data options for over 190 countries through an e-sim function without having to buy an extra travel device. The app is free to use and you search up your travel destination, select your data plan and add the eSIM to your phone. The Nigerian plan gets you 1 GB for 7 days for US$9.50. Only 1top-up option available. I personally found the eSim setup process complicated. 

  • Travel Wifi has portable hotspot devices which can be connected to up to 5 devices. Their devices can either be purchased or rented and the data plan is an additional cost. They only provide a 30 day plan for Nigeria and you need to also download the app for setup. If you purchase the device, you receive it within a week and get a bonus 5GB of global data which can be used during your layovers.

  • You can also contact your Canadian phone service provider for their travel option but be prepared for a high bill once you get back. 

Money Matters

Lemonade Finance

Lemonade Finance is still the fastest way to send and receive money from Nigeria. As someone without a Nigerian Bank Account, I used the Lemonade Finance app for all cashless transactions and transfers. Once you sign up and transfer funds to your wallet through Interac, follow these steps to create a Nigerian wallet/ virtual account. Use my code “TDN” when signing up to get 10% cashback when you make a transfer of $100 or more.