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The History Behind Nigeria’s Democracy Day.

On June 12 1993, Nigeria held its first presidential elections since the 1983 military coup. It was an event many observers have described as the most significant in Nigeria’s post-independence political history as it was the freest, fairest & most peaceful election ever held in the country.  What happened next? This supposed victory was short-lived […]

Show Up for Women, Show Up for Yourself

International Women’s Day has its roots in as far back 1909, although the current version we know with its global reach did not emerge until 1977 when it was adopted by the United Nations. Celebrated annually on March 8th, IWD was designed to be a celebration of the achievements of women, and a rallying point […]

Nigerian High Commission: Higher Fees, Same Wahala?

~ Not too long back, perhaps a year or two ago, I had to go to Ottawa to get my passport renewed. It was impossibly cold, and I had come unprepared. My phone was unable to connect to data and so I found my way to the Nigerian High Commission by asking passersby for directions. […]

5 Tips for International students in Canada

As of the end of 2019, statistics from the 2020 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Annual Report to Parliament show that 827, 586 international students held valid study permits in Canada. Nevertheless, for what is a large community of individuals who are actively contributing to the economy ($22 billion and 170,000 jobs), international students’ struggles and […]